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kampanja "svi razliciti svi ravnopravni"     FLARE



Our messages on World Peace Day:
Dan Mira

golub mira





Whom does the program address?

  • Representatives of registered civil associations that deal with the problems and needs of young people
  • Informal groups or initiatives oriented towards youth population

The program addresses the groups that work within small local communities (up to 10.000 inhabitants), municipalities and smaller places, as well as the parts of bigger cities that are clearly defined as separate entities (e.g. suburbs, small settlements, blocks, city zones etc.). The right to participate have young people from 16-30 years of age. Group number is limited.

Districts covered by the program are: Pirot, Pcinja, Jablanica, Toplica and Nisava.

The program offers:

  • Three-module education dealing with the topics: project management, organization management, as well as the topics related to local community development (problem identification, local fundraising, cooperation with the media, local self-government and business sector etc.)
  • Allocation of mini-grant for co-funding of the projects of program participants and application of knowledge obtained from educative modules

The project „Youth action for a better community“ aims at capacity building of youth non-governmental organizations / informal groups for direct impact on social and other needs within their local communities, as well as at increasing of their recognizability and influence at the local and regional level.

Application deadline: January 31st 2008 You can download the application form here.

MOSInformation, application forms and contact 
(working days 9 – 16h):

PROTECTA – Center for civil society development 
TPC Kalča BI-43, 18000 Niš 
018/522 788; 514 360; 514 361



On Wednesday, December 26th, within the premises of Media Center Nis, a City Forum “Fascism in Nis” was held.

The city Forum was attended by: 

  1. Osman Balić, YUROM Center
  2. Radomir Đorđević, sociologist
  3. Mladen Jovanović, NGO Protecta
  4. Mladen Obradović, movement Cheek

In the course of this forum, Mladen Jovanović presented attitudes held by PROTECTA, related to insufficient engagement of state institutions at the national and local level in eradication and prevention of fascist and nazi incidents.

PROTECTA’s representatives expected more serious forum participants’ attack on fascism appearance. This kind of disapproval was missing. Representatives of movement Cheek even used historical examples for focusing on positive impact of fascism???

City Forum was recorded and will be broadcasted on TV5 in January 2008.



On Wednesday, December 19th representatives of Protecta (Milan Stefanović and Dragan Petković), as the members of official Pirot district delegation following the invitation of the Head of District Goran Stamenovic, attended the meeting of Pirot district and Montana district in Bulgaria. The meeting was held in the city of Montana, and was attended by heads of districts, municipality presidents, representatives of business sector and non-governmental organizations. The meeting served the purpose of reaching agreement about future inter-border cooperation of these two border regions, as well as of coordinating regional development. So far Protecta has had efficient cooperation with Montana region in Bulgaria.

13. 12. 2007.


These days various parts of the city of Nis are marked with great number of freshly painted neo-Nazi and fascist labels (swastika – equilateral crosses and neo-Nazi paroles). Official public condemnation and action of relevant institutions and elected local officials failed to appear again.

It is more than obvious that official policy of struggle against fascism and neo-Nazism, that is defined by the parole “If we pretend that we do not see it, the problem might disappear”, fails to produce results. It can even be connected to indirect encouragement.

For these reasons, Protecta organized a press conference today, with the purpose of attracting public attention to the crimes committed on behalf of this ideology of hatred. Moreover, we aimed to invite all relevant representatives of the City of Nis to openly condemn neo-Nazi groups and present their action plans in relation to this problem.

In the course of the conference, the media were addressed by the following relevant factors that openly supported the struggle against fascism:

- Dragoslav Ćirković, President of the City Municipality Medijana 
- Slavoljub Savić, representative of City Municipality Palilula 
- Dragi Stojanović, Councilman in the City Municipality Crveni Krst 
- Vesna Šurdilović, Head of the City of Nis Department for International Cooperation

The conference was hosted by the following Protecta’s representatives: 
- Milan Stefanović, Protecta’s Executive Director 
- Mladen Jovanović, Protecta’s Program Director

Although they were properly invited, representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Nis and City Municipalities Niska Banja and Pantalej did not show up at the conference.

Symbolically, the conference was held at Commemorative Park Bubanj, at the site where more than 10.000 people were brutally shot by fascists during the World War II.

After the conference, all Nazi graffiti (there were more than 20 of them, out of which one was more than 2m high) were removed from downtown Nis, with the assistance of Public Utility Company Medijana employees.

In the period to come, Protecta is planning to undertake a range of activities, with the purpose of encouraging citizens and relevant institutions to take active participation in the process of finding solution to this problem.

Photographs of these shameful graffiti before removal can be downloaded here.



In the course of 2006 Council of Europe started the second European youth campaign for human rights, richness of diversity and active participation “All Different – All Equal”. This campaign was supported and realized in 43 countries-members of the Council of Europe. In January 2008 the Council of Europe will officially finish this campaign.  

We are aware of the fact that lots of energy should be involved for the purpose of developing civil society in Serbia with its values to the fullest, which is one of the important conditions for the building of sustainable democratic society that will be based on the respect of human rights of all citizens. Having this aim in mind, Serbia will go on with the campaign “All Different – All Equal”. The campaign will be realized in 9 partner organizations-members of the National Committee of the Campaign, with the support of Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia, and numerous institutions and organizations.

Following the occasion of December 10th – Human Rights Day, new activities within the campaign are about to start. In the year to come, numerous promotional and educative activities are expecting us, that will promote richness of diversity, equality and active participation through struggle against discrimination, establishment and strengthening of cooperation between youth NGOs and local self-governments, raising awareness of the public about these issues and understanding of the important role youth have in the society and their capacities for active work. In a word, the campaign builds upon advocacy of respect and affirmation of all human rights and freedoms.

We invite all institutions, governmental bodies, local self-governments, as well as non-governmental organizations that advocate these values, as well as all Serbian citizens to support this campaign. Further information about specific activities within the campaign in 2008 can be found on our webpage, starting from December 20th 2007. 

Kind regards,  
Aleksandar Jovanović, coordinator of educative program 
Tatjana Antić, coordinator of promotional programs



In 1985 United Nations declared December 5th to be International Volunteer Day. On this day, we celebrate efforts of all people who spent their time as volunteers and gave significant contribution to the society.

United Nations invited governments and organizations in all countries to undertake and promote activities on December 5th with which they would thank volunteers and raise awareness of the public about volunteerism. This day is celebrated in more than half of the world.

Each year, this day represents the possibility for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to present and show their contribution – at the local, national and international level – and support the realization of millennium development goals.  



"Declaration on exercising rights to education of all children” was officially and unanimously adopted by the Assembly of the City of Nis on Friday, November 11th 2007. The declaration was delivered for adoption to the Assembly of the City of Nis by Local Inclusive Team Nis (LIT). Text of the declaration can be downloaded here.

Center for civil society development Protecta has been the member of Local Inclusive Team since October 2006.



Within the framework of the project „From Nis to Svoge – on tourism among friends and good neighbours“ funded by European Agency for Reconstruction, from November 23 – 25 2007 in Belogradchic, International Tourism Fair was organized. The Fair was organized by Protecta’s project partner – Balkan Civil Coalition – Belogradchic, Bulgaria. Apart from Protecta, Tourist Organizations of Nis and Pirot, Society for environmental protection „Stara planina“ from Pirot, City Municipality Pantelej, Municipalities of Svoge, Chiprovtsi, Varshets, Berkovitsa and Belogradchic also presented themselves on the Fair. During the Fair round table discussion was held tackling the topic of „Possibilities of cross-border cooperation in the field of tourism“.



Within the premises of Association for Protection and Promotion of Mental Health in Children and Youth, on November 20 2007 a training within the European Commission program “Youth in Action” 2007 – 2013 was held, organized by Group “Let’s...”.

The training was attended by somewhat fifteen young people, representatives of non-governmental organizations from Nis, Vranje, Zajecar and Svrljig. Apart from receiving general information about this program, training participants were presented with examples of good and bad practice, as well as with the potential problems that can be encountered in the course of writing project proposals within this program. In the end participants themselves presented their suggestions following group work and created concrete project applications within one out of three subprograms – Youth exchange, European Voluntary Service and Trainings and networking of organizations.

On behalf of Center for civil society development PROTECTA Biljana Vasic attended the training. Being from its establishment oriented towards young people, PROTECTA’s aim is focused on utilizing the possibilities offered by European Commission’s program and writing corresponding project proposals.



In Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria, 10. CEI Summit Economic Forum was held on November 20 – 21 2007.

The Summit was attended by more than 1000 participants from somewhat 30 European countries, representatives of state bodies, local self-governments, business sector and non-governmental organizations.

Detailed program of the Summit can be found here.

Serbian delegation was joined by PROTECTA’s representatives Milan Stefanovic, Executive Director and Dejan Milosevic, Financial Director.



Within the premises of Ministry of Youth and Sports in Belgrade PROTECTA’s Executive Director Milan Stefanovic and Minister Snezana Samardzic Markovic signed an agreement on realization of the project “Youth action for better community”, approved by the call for funding and co-funding of NGO projects in the field of youth policy for 2007, funded by the budget of Republic of Serbia. Project realization starts on December 1 and will last for 8 months. It is primarily focused on capacity building of young people living in small communities (up to 10.000 inhabitants) in Southern Serbia.



Within the framework of REACT! project, representatives of Center for civil society development PROTECTA Dragan Miljkovic and Jelena Jovicevic attended the one-day training-workshop. The workshop that was held within the premises of IJAS (Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia) on November 19 2007 and organized by SMART Kolektiv, IJAS and Institute for Sustainable Communities, aimed at introducing organizations whose projects are financially supported by ISC with the concept of Communication Strategy. After project presentations, the participants had an opportunity to engage in interactive discussion and discuss public opinion on NGO sector, citizens’ participation, social and guerilla marketing, as well as factors essential for effective communication in non-profit sector.



Representatives of 29 organizations from 21 European countries gathered in Berlin from November 7 – 10 2007, with the aim of creating Coalition for International Struggle against organized Crime, within FLARE program. These organizations adopted a declaration whose text can be found here. On behalf of PROTECTA, the declaration was signed by Milan Stefanovic, Executive Director and the only Serbian representative at this International Conference.



In Berlin, in the period from November 7 – 10 2007 International Conference will be held following the start-up of F.L.A.R.E program (Freedom, Legality And Rights in Europe). The conference will gather approximately 100 NGO representatives from somewhat 30 countries. the only Serbian representative at this conference will be PROTECTA’s Executive Director Milan Stefanovic. Conference delegation will attend the celebration of November 9, important day for the development of democracy in Europe. On November 9,18 years ago, Berlin Wall fell down.

This conference aimed at networking organizations that will realize this program in 2008, as well as at creating the action plan for the realization of the program.



Within the project “From Nis to Svoge”, in the period from November 02 – 05 2007, a study tour to Bulgaria was organized. Apart from the project team, the group that travelled to Bulgaria was also comprised of representatives of Municipalities Pantelej and Pirot, Srbijasume Pirot, Directorate for the construction of the City of Nis and non-governmental organizations.

Study tour to Bulgaria aimed at acquiring new knowledge about similar projects that were realized in Bulgarian municipalities in the field of ecotourism in the target region – Belogradchic and Vrats. The participants were introduced with the basic steps in project realization – infrastructure for access to the objects, accommodation and catering issues, diversity of tourist supply, staff training etc.



Within its engagement in Serbian Refugee Council (SRC), Center for civil society development PROTECTA realized the project „Promotion of sustainable solutions for refugees and internally displaced persons with special focus on education, employment and active participation” in the period from May to October 2007. The project was realized as the campaign of three membering organizations from SRC – Hi, Neighbour from Belgrade, Novi Sad Humanitarian Center and Center for civil society development from Nis. In accordance with project title, the project promoted and recommended solutions for sustainable integration of refugees and internally displaced persons through finding solutions for the issues related to their adequate education and employment. For the purposes of this project, Center for civil society development PROTECTA performed a research that tackled the topic of “Refugees and internally displaced persons in Nis – employment and needs for education, training and re-training”. This research stands for our contribution to finding solutions to his difficult issue.



On October 25th within the premises of Media Center in Belgrade, starting from 11:00, Center for Regionalism from Novi Sad organized round table discussion: "Decentralization in the context of new Serbian Constitution and EU integrations" 

The participants at the round table were: 
Aleksandar Popov - Director of the Center for Regionalism 
Oliver Dulić – President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia 
Bojan Kostres – President of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina 
Milan Marković - Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government 
Mladen Jovanović – Program Director NGO PROTECTA



United Nations were officially established on October 24th 1945 when most of the countries officially ratified United Nations Charter. At the time United Nations consisted of 51 membering countries, including Yugoslavia. That day is celebrated each year throughout the world. Serbia and Montenegro, as a new member, joined the United Nations on November 1st 2000. 

With the purpose of building peace and development, United Nations work together towards bringing all nations closer to each other, at the same time respecting principles of justice, human dignity and benefit. In this way the countries are offered the possibility of establishing balance between mutual dependence and national interests in the process of finding solutions to international issues. 

There are 191 membering countries within the framework of United Nations at present. They meet at the general assembly which, in a way represents the world assembly. Each country, big or small, rich or poor has the right to vote. Although the decisions made by the assembly are not binding, they are shaped into resolutions that bear significance at the world level of power. 

United Nations’ headquarters is located in New York, but the terrain and the buildings themselves are international property. United Nations have their own flag, post office and postal stamps. Six official languages are used within United Nations: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. General Secretary is the official of the highest rank within United Nations Secretariat. 

United Nations’ goals:

♦ Maintain peace throughout the world. 
♦ Develop friendly relations among nations. 
♦ Work together towards improvement of living standards, eradication of poverty, illness and illiteracy, prevention of environmental destruction as well as towards raised respect of people’s rights and liberties. 
♦ United Nations should be the center that will be supposed to support the countries in the process of reaching these goals. 

United Nations’ principles:

♦ All membering countries are sovereign and equal. 
♦ All membering countries are obliged to obey United Nations charter. 
♦ Countries should try to resolve any disputes peacefully. 
♦ Countries should avoid using force or threaten others with force. 
♦ United Nations are not obliged to interfere into membering countries’ internal matters. 
♦ Membering countries should support the United Nations. 

In September 2000 members of United Nations including 147 heads of State and Government gathered in New York with the purpose of establishing international principles for the start of new millennium. These principles resulted in Millennium Declaration that set up measurable values and principles that are to be achieved in seven key areas: peace, security and disarmament, development and poverty eradication, protecting our common environment, human rights, democracy and good governance, protecting the vulnerable, meeting the special needs of Africa and strengthening the United Nations. 

At present there are 13 United Nations’ organizations that, together with the Government and the nations, work towards the improvement of country’s living standard. UN agencies in Serbia are: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, International Monetary Fund (IMF), International Organization for Migration (IOM), United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT), Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Office in Belgrade and World Health Organization (WHO).



At the open call for the selection of members and establishment of youth NGOs advisory board, issued by Ministry of Youth and Sports and in relation to the further development of National Youth Strategy, NGO PROTECTA was selected as one of 10 members of the board. PROTECTA’s representative on this board will be Milan Stefanovic, Executive Director.



Parallelly with the celebration of October 17th, International day for the eradication of poverty, Civil Employment Initiative (CEI), the first agency on the territory of Nis that mediates in the employment of socially endangered groups of people, organized central info stand. CEI and Protecta used this opportunity to invite the citizens of Nis to take active participation in the project as well as in the process of active job search. 
One day later, on October 18th, Center for civil society development Protecta, within which CEI operates, organized info stands at Nis faculties in cooperation with Students’ organization AIESEC. The info stands that were organized at the halls of Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, served the purpose of introducing students, as one of our target groups with the possibilities of active job search through active participation in our activities. Representatives of CEI and Protecta presented the students with the program of the project and invited them to take active participation in the process of overcoming barriers that might await them on the road towards future employment. Both info stands aimed, among other things, at informing all citizens of Nis of the novelties in the work of Civil Employment Initiative. 
Students’ response was very strong, especially if we have in mind the reasons for special focus on this target group. Upon finishing studies, graduates face the problems of finding suitable jobs because employers usually employ people with experience that recent graduates do not have. Therefore, students showed remarkable interest in filling in our database of unemployed people, with the purpose of engaging in part-time jobs or bridging barriers on the road towards future employment. 
Research shows that market as well as our database of unemployed is deficient in these part-time and service professions (such as electricians, babysitting, day care services, house repairmen, maintenance and cleaning, pharmacists, licensed currency exchange officers, waiters, real estate/insurance/marketing agents, dressmakers etc.). For that reason Protecta and CEI used the opportunity and invited students and other people interested in these professions to fill in our database with their professional characteristics and wishes. Engaged professionals from respective fields will test the quality of their services, with the purpose of satisfying the customers. Eventually, the persons that enrolled in our database will comprise groups whose services will be offered to the public in case of interest and needs. 
Protecta and CEI announce that the citizens will be regularly informed of the latest activities and novelties in their work.



Center for civil society developemnt „Protecta“ from Nis celebrated International day for the eradication of poverty on October 17th 2007. Action named „Who says we cannot?“ was relaized in Obrenoviceva Street in front of Business Center Kalca in the period from 12.00 to 14.00h. The action also involved Protecta’s volunteers who distributed occasio related promo material. This year, celebration of October 17th was marked by reduction of poverty among young people. The action was organized in cooperation with Group 484 from Belgrade, with the support of Oxfam.
The same opportunity was used for organization of info stand, during which Civil Employment Initiative, Agency that mediates in the employment of socially endangered population introduced the citizens with its latest activities and invited them to take active participation in the entire project.
Moreover, Protecta has announced that several meetings are planned with representatives of private and public companies, with the purpose of obtaining information on their activities in the field of youth employment policies. These meetings will also serve the purpose of asking the representatives of business sector for the suggestions related to the improvement of principles of active policies of employment of young people as the form of corporate social respoinsibility.
The round-table discussion that will tackle the topic of „Possibilities of employment of socially endangered youth“ will be held in Nis by the end of October. With the attendance of representatives of business, local self-government and NGOs this discussion will serve the purpose of considering recommendations for the employment of some of the endangered groups of young people, that should be included into the local strategy of youth employment. 



Within the framework of the project „From Nis to Svoge – on tourism among friends and good neighbours“ in Climbers’ Lodging „Tigar“ from October 11–13 2007, the first training module was held out of three that are planned to be organized in the course of this project. This training that dealt with the topic of „Project writing and development“ was attended by representatives of municipalities, public utility companies and non-governmental organizations. The training aimed at improving project writing techniques, building capacities for cooperation, as well as at  presenting models for joint performance in front of third institutions and donors.
The training module also served the purpose of presenting Bulgarian experience and examples of good practice that were presented by Mr. Nikolay Nentchev, director of National Park Vratchanski Balkan from Vrac.
The next training is planned to be organized in the first half of November.



Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) organized the conference „Ways towards the youth policy“ in Belgrade on October 10th 2007. 
The conference focused its topic on the development of National Youth Strategy that MYS wants to implement in cooperation with non-governmental organizations. 
The conference was opened by Minister of Youth and Sports, Snezana Samardzic Markovic. On behalf of NGO PROTECTA, the conference was attended by Milan Stefanovic, Executive Director.



Within the framework of the project "From Nis to Svoge - On tourism among friends and good neighbours" the first training module was held within the premises of Regional Center for Professional Development of Employments in Education in Nis from 26-28 September 2007.  As one out of three trainings that will be organized within the framework of this project, this training module dealt with the topic of "Project writing and development". The training was attended by representatives of Municipalities, public utility companies and non-governmental organizations. First training module for Pirot district will be held in the period from 11-13 October 2007 in Pirot.



Presentation of a documentary film "Peace One Day" in more than hundred countries from all over the world, Peace March, International Peace Festival, The Peace Tree, are some of the activities through which International Day of Peace has been celebrated for more than six years with the ultimate aim of reduction and eradication of conflicts and violence. The number of these activities that start by striking the peace bell and the minute of silence in the United Nations headquarters.

Initiated by Costa Rica in 1981, the whole action was earned to be widespread in 2001. Namely, at the United Nations General Assembly on September 7, 2001, resolution 55/282 was unanimously accepted. According to this resolution, September 21 was declared as International Day of Peace and Cease of Fire, whereas all UN countries-members obliged themselves to annual active participation in this day celebration.

On September 21 last year in more than two hundred countries approximately 3500 actions were organized, in which several millions of people took active participation. In spite of ever louder peace advocators, some areas of conflict still blaze, whereas new ones are coming into being. Nevertheless, this should not prevent us from taking definite action, there being no improvement or civilized, civil society without peace.

The fact that we aspire towards civil society incites us to take active participation and make contribution to the celebration of this day. Center for civil society development PROTECTA's members and volunteers will gather within the premises of the organization on Friday, September 21 2007 at 12 o'clock and write their own messages of peace. All messages will be placed on PROTECTA's website and translated into English and Bulgarian languages. Accordingly, we are going to continue advocating world peace and equal rights for all in direct or indirect way through joint actions.         



On Thursday, September 20, 2007, within the premises of Media Center Nis, round table discussion as well as the presentation of the project "Supporting the re-admission process through sustainable reintegration of returnees from Western Europe to Serbia" were organized.

This round table discussion was organized by Center for civil society development PROTECTA as the local partner, as well as Group 484, Serbian Democratic Forum and European Perspective. Financially supported by European Union, the project envisages that in the course of two following years several thousands of returnees from Western Europe receive informative, legal, psychosocial and economic support in Serbia and Montenegro on the basis of signed contracts.

The round table discussion aimed at presentation of project objectives and activities, as well as at research of socio-economic position of returnees from Western Europe, on the basis of re-admission contracts. The highly attended meeting was marked by participation of representatives of City of Nis Administration, Palilula, Pantelej and Niska Banja City Municipalities, Social Work Center, Department for Children, Social and Primary Health Protection, Faculty of Philosophy, Red Cross, "Čovekoljublje" - Charity Fund of the Serbian Orthodox Church, MPDL, Association "Happy Family", Micro Development Fund, as well as the following media: Narodne Novine, NTV, RTV Belle Amie, TV5.



Group "Let's..." from Belgrade, in cooperation with NGO Youth Work Center from Novi Sad and NGO Protecta from Nis, initiated the project "Corporate social responsibility of enterprises in service of youth activism" aiming at informing and educating youth NGOs and business sector representatives on the possibilities of mutual cooperation.

Through this project, youth NGOs will be introduced with the concept of corporate social responsibility, the ways towards establishment of long-term partnership with business sector thereby providing financial and other kind of support for their projects. at the same time, business sector representatives will be introduced with examples of good practice of corporate social responsibility in Serbia.

All necessary project related information, as well as the application form for trainings that will take place in October and November 2007, can be found on web presentation

The project is financially supported by the Commission for Democracy of the US Embassy in Belgrade.



In the period from August 14th – 18th 2007 the second PROTECTA's retreat in Bajina Basta was organized under the motto „Taking over responsibilities“. Nineteen members of PROTECTA's staff from nis, Pirot and Vranje took active participation in the retreat.

All activities served the purpose of institutional and individual capacity building.

Starting from the present point, through open meetings and discussions, future directions and milestones of PROTECTA were reached. Some of the topics that were tackled were: leadership, team work, future projects, PROTECTA's 10th anniversary, finances, program areas... Theory was put into practice when the members of organization that have never before dealt with leadership were given the opportunity to take over the responsibility of directors of accompanying activities (Drina rafting, Shargan Eight, visit to Mechavnik, Terzic's Yard etc.).

Concrete responsibilities were also delegated and left to PROTECTA staff to put them into practice.



On Monday, August 13th 2007 from 12.00 to 14.00 Center for civil society development PROTECTA from Nis organized info stand in Obrenoviceva Street in front of Business Center Kalca. Info stand aimed at promoting the establishment of Civil Employment Initiative (CEI), the first Agency on the territory of Nis, which focuses on providing assistance in the process of employment to socially endangered groups of people. The Agency is the result of the project Social Enterprise – Employment Mediation Agency, which is realized in partnership with Social Work Center and National Employment Agency. Funded by Italian Government and with the support of UN-HABITAT, the project implementation is being carried out within the framework of UN-HABITAT SIRP Settlement and Integration of Refugees Program. During the two-hour info stand volunteers distributed promo material to the citizens of Nis. The happening met the high level of attention and support of the great number of media as well as of the citizens themselves. It has been announced that forthcoming info stands will be organized and will serve the opportunity of informing the citizens of further activities of CEI, as well as of inviting them to register in the database and support the whole idea. 



International Youth Day is celebrated on Sunday, August 12. It is celebrated in Serbia for the first time this year, with the support of Ministry for Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia.

Ministry’s partner in celebration of this important day is campaign “All Different – All Equal” which organizes the celebration of International Youth Day in Belgrade, Nis, Subotica, Zajecar and Cuprija.

In cooperation with the students’ parliament from The School of Law and Administration PROTECTA organizes promotion of International Youth Day on Sunday, August 12th from 11.00 till 13.00 at the central city square in Nis. The promotion will include pleasurable program with lots of informative and educative materials.

Hereby we would like to invite youth and all those who feel young to join us on Sunday in the celebration of this important day.



Within the premises of Media Center Nis on July 12th 2007, Center for civil society development PROTECTA organized the press conference promoting the establishment of Employment Mediation Agency. The Agency is the result of the project Social Enterprise – Employment Mediation Agency, funded by Italian Government with the support of UN-HABITAT. The project is realized within the framework of UN-HABITAT SIRP Settlement and Integration of Refugees Program. The activities related to the project which is implemented in partnership with Social Work Center and National Employment Agency are based on providing assistance in the process of employment to socially endangered groups of people. The press conference was attended by Ljubisa Simonovic, City Mayor Advisor, Đorđe Mojovic, UN-HABITAT National Director as well as by PROTECTA representatives Dejan Milosevic, Project Manager and Jelena Jovicevic, PR on project. It has been announced that forthcoming press conferences will be the opportunity to inform the public of further activities of the Agency. 



Representatives of Center for Civil for society development PROTECTA, Milijana Stankovic and Nenad Stojanovic attended the meeting of businessmen from Pernik and Nisava regions within the framework of the project “Local capacity building” implemented by Regional Center for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurship Nis. The meeting was also attended by 50 representatives of small and medium enterprises from Bulgaria and Serbia. The project is implemented within the framework of “Neighbourhood Program Bulgaria – Serbia” and aims at networking businesses in cross-border regions.



On Saturday, June 23rd 2007 at 11h, on the plateau in front of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia (former Federal Assembly), within the framework of 1000th meeting of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and the campaign All Different – All Equal, the central promotion of the campaign in Serbia will be organized. The program is realized with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Council of Europe Office in Belgrade. The whole event concerning the meeting of the Committee of Ministers that will last from June 21st – 23rd in Belgrade, was initiated by Mrs. Sladjana Prica, the Serbian Ambassador to the Council of Europe. Attachment includes Saturday agenda as well as the press release. We would like to use this opportunity and invite all the interested parties to join and take active participation in the manifestation.



On Saturday, June 9th 2007 in Soko Banja, representatives of Center for civil society development PROTECTA Mladen Jovanovic and Nenad Stojanovic took active participation in the conference “Third sector development – step into the future”. They used this opportunity to introduce the participants with experience related to Hungarian and Austrian third sector, which they gained in the course of three-year project of capacity building of NGOs in Serbia organized by DemNET foundation from Hungary and Pontis foundation from Slovakia. Organizers of the conference and project authors were: Association for the development of creativity Aleksinac, Open Club Nis, Urban In Novi Pazar and Panonija Novi Sad. Our representatives’ PP presentations can be downloaded here:



On June 9th 2007 within the premises of Regional Center for Development of Educational Staff, a tribune was held at which the project Inclusive education – practice to politics was presented. Moreover, the tribune was the opportunity for presentation of the document Trends of education of children and students with disabilities, as well as the proposal of Declaration on rights to education of all children. Local Inclusive Team, in which PROTECTA holds membership, will deliver this proposal to Nis City Assembly, with the request to start the official process of passing the declaration. The tribune was attended by representatives of associations, institutions / organizations that deal with matters of inclusion. This was the perfect opportunity for other associations to sign the letter of support for the declaration. As member of LIT and organization that delas with issues of children’s rights, PROTECTA also supported the declaration.



On June 8th 2007, in the period from 15-16h, at Oslobodjenje Square, action “I support the declaration too” was conducted. The action was realized by Local Inclusive Team (LIT) in which PROTECTA holds membership, in cooperation with School for Primary and Secondary Education “14.Oktobar” and children from regular schools. In the course of this action, which was attended by PROTECTA members, 2500 informative flyers were distributed.



On the second working session of NGO group for energetics, held on May 26th 2007 in Simanovci, within the premises of power plant Tesla, a declaration of Serbian NGOs from the field of energetics was adopted, as the basis for summaries of official documents from Sixth Ministry Conference. NGO PROTECTA is one of the organizations that signed the declaration. The Sixth Ministry Conference will be held in October in Belgrade. It will be the greatest eco-meeting this year in Europe that will be attended by representatives of governments and non-governmental organizations from somewhat 50 countries from Europe, America and Canada. The text of the declaration (in Serbian) can be downloaded here.



On Sunday, June 1st 2007 within the premises of Balkani Publishing House in Sofia, representatives of PROTECTA Milan Stefanovic, Nenad Stojanovic and Biljana Vasic held a meeting with Mr. Georgi Grozdev, representative of this company. The meeting served the purposes of establishing cooperation on future joint projects in the field of cultural exchange, with special focus on publishing and promotion of Bulgarian and Serbian literary classics.



On Thursday May 31st 2007 in Gnjilane, within the premises of EastWest Institute PROTECTA’s Executive Director Milan Stefanovic signed a contract of financial support from this foundation from New York to PROTECTA’s project "Standards for better approach to EU market", implemented within the program "EWI RTFC Cross-border Micro grants Agreement". In the course of 4 months, this project will be implemented by PROTECTA’s office in Vranje in partnership with NGO Feniks from Kumanovo, Macedonia and NGO Green World from Presevo.



On Thursday May 31st 2007 in Assembly Hall of Pirot Municipality the first motivational meeting within the framework of the project “From Nis to Svoge” was held. The meeting was attended by 19 representatives of various institutions and organizations from Pirot district that deal with issues of environment protection and sustainable development of Stara Planina region. After the presentation of the planned activities within the project “From Nis to Svoge – on tourism among friends and good neighbours”, Project Manager Dragan Petkovic and Project Coordinator Dragan Taskov thoroughly introduced the participants with the component of the project that focuses on training and education of the participants.



On Wednesday May 30th 2007 within the premises of Media Center the first motivational meeting within the framework of the project “From Nis to Svoge” was held. The meeting was attended by representatives of local authorities, institutions and NGOs dealing with issues of environment protection. The meeting was th eperfect opportunity for presentation of the project, its basic concept and planned activities. The participants were invited to take active participation in the training module aiming at building local capacities. The training, involving Bulgarian and Serbian lecturers, will tackle the issues of European funds and programs, project implementation and development of territories through tourism.



In Europapark, Germany, from May 14th-17th, the Council of Europe organized the training tackling the topic "How to ensure the follow up of the Campaign and its outcomes?”
The training gathered somewhat 15 activists engaged in the European campaign All Different – All Equal (EUROPEAN YOUTH CAMPAIGN FOR DIVERSITY, HUMAN RIGHTS AND PARTICIPATION) from several European countries. Serbian campaign representative at this training was Milan Stefanovic from PROTECTA. The training was also attended by Michael Raphael, coordinator of the European campaign.



In Rieti, Italy, from May 8th-12th, an international conference was organized tackling the issue of refugees and asylum seekers (International conference on the issues of refugees and asylum seekers). The conference was organized by organization "ARI Onlus" from Italy and it gathered representatives of somewhat hundred non-governmental organizations dealing with this issue from 20 European countries. Following the organizers’ invitation, Milan Stefanovic from PROTECTA attended the conference, as the only representative of non-governmental organizations from Serbia and former Yugoslavia in general. At the conference the preconditions and grounds were set for future cooperation and networking of NGOs from Europe dealing with the issue.



Europe celebrates May 9th as the Day of Victory over fascism and at the same time as the Europe Day. In our opinion, this is the perfect opportunity to remind the citizens of Serbia that fascism and Nazism resulted in greatest crimes against humanity in the 20th century.  Although more than 60 years have passed since the victory over fascism and all European nations enrolled in the processes of integration, Serbian reality reflects another picture:

  • Negotiations related to integration into EU have been stopped for more than a year
  • System institutions at the central level do not exist since November 2006
  • Speech of hatred returned to Serbia, even Parliament
  • Freedom of speech and media freedom is severely endangered due to constant pressure and brutal attacks on journalists
  • Reshaping of military formations with no adequate reaction from the State and judiciary system
  • Political parties act without paying attention to the citizens’ interests, making decisions that could have long-term consequences for the future of the citizens of Serbia

All this is happening in a country that experienced grave forms of fascism and Nazism and that encountered greatest degree of suffering in Europe after World War II during the 1990s. Also, the current events occur in a country that fails to face its past, and, that, paradoxically enough, is on the point of taking over the chairmanship of the Council of Europe.
This important date is the perfect opportunity to remind the public of the necessity of opposing all forms of fascism and Nazism and all the traits that lead our society into self (isolation) and feeling of world’s conspiracy against us. It is also the moment for deciding whether Serbia wants to become the part of the family of European nations with all the privileges, or face the revival of the period from the 1990s: one-mindedness, isolation, poverty, executions, terror at universities, systematic media destruction, violence, crimes…
Saša Miljković - Media Center Niš
Dragan Đorđević – Human Rights Committee Niš
Mladen Jovanović - PROTECTA Niš



Thanks to the financial support from the European Commission through EIDHR program, Serbian Refugee Council (SRC) started with one-year-project implementation since March 17th 2007. The project aims at capacity building of both governmental and non-governmental organizations which offer support to persons who, on the basis of EU Readmission agreement, reintegrate into Serbia from West European countries. In the course of next 12 months, SRC will organize six two-day trainings with twenty local administration officials and non-governmental activists in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Subotica, Novi Pazar and Kragujevac. Moreover, SRC expert team will create a guide containing information about the process of readmission, returnees’ rights and recommendations to local administrations and other interested parties concerning methods for efficient and humane treatment of these people’s problems. SRC will also be involved with the media in the process of raising people’s awareness of the issues of readmission and consequences resulting from discrimination of persons forced to reintegrate into Serbia from West European countries. Project activities will be implemented by SRC Secretariat, Group 484, Center for civil society development PROTECTA, Novi Sad Humanitarian Center and Serbian Democratic Forum, with the support from other members of the Council and in cooperation with other actors in Serbia dealing with the issue. 
For receiving further information about this project, you are free to write to the following address:



World Forest and World Water Day are celebrated today and tomorrow around the world.
Due to the significance and role of forests in environmental protection World Forest Day is celebrated since 1976 on the initiative of UN. Therefore, “Srbijasume” company will in 17 Serbian cities today distribute seedlings and advice regarding their care, protection, breeding and nourishing. The action aims at enhancing of clean air concentration and citizens’ life improvement.
With regards to forest protection, “Srbijasume” appealed at the citizens not to burn weeds and other material at the agricultural lots, orchards and forest areas, start fire in the forest areas or throw away cigarettes or flammable materials.
This year World Water Day subject is the water shortage and the supply of clean water necessary for everyday life.
UN General Assembly proclaimed 2005-2015 period as “Water for life” action decade, while the World Water Day was established in 2005. Environmental Conservation Fund published a report, warning that the decades to come might bring the river destruction, thus causing water shortage and extinction of fish as well as flora and fauna destruction.
The Fund appeals at the governments to enhance their efforts in the protection of river, lakes and other water areas which supply millions of people with drinking water, food and water necessary for agriculture.
According to that report, only 21 out of 177 longest rivers in the world flows freely from mouth to confluence, while dams and other structures destroy fish and other animal habitats, thereby changing rivers’ normal flow.
More and more water each day is necessary to meet the needs of growing population of the cities nearby rivers; global warming will, it is expected, endanger fishery in regions like Africa, where even the slightest temperature changes can drastically reduce the water level as well as fishing sector productivity.



Coordinators of two newly approved projects within the framework of EU Neighbourhood program implemented by EAR held the presentation of their projects in the big hall of Pirot Municipality assembly on Tuesday 20/03/2007.
Namely, the projects in question are:

  • Capacity building for cross-border exchange and cooperation of small and medium enterprises of the districts of Pirot, Nisava, Jablanica and Pcinja, as well as the district of Montana, Bulgaria;
  • From Nis to Svodje, towards enhancing the capacity of tourism among friends and good neighbours.

The presentation was very well attended by the representatives of local authorities, representatives of small and medium enterprises from Pirot district, institutions dealing with environmental protection issues as well as NGOs.



“United against racism: Equality, Dignity, Justice” – is the motto under which March 21st is annually celebrated as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. On the same day in 1960 in Sharpeville, South Africa, the police killed 69 people (including women and 10 children) and wounded 180 of them during the peace demonstrations in the city. More than 80% percent of the victims were killed from the back.
7000 people gathered on that day for the purpose of peaceful demonstrations against the apartheid regime as well as against the enactment of the law on compulsory carrying of “residence card”. Namely, all the Africans were required to carry it with themselves, enabling the authorities to limit and control their movements. In case of being caught without a card, a person would be arrested with the possibilty of detention up to 30 days.
Massacre in Sharpeville made the UN General Secretariat proclaim March 21st as the World Racial Discrimination Day and invite the world community to double its efforts in extinguishing all forms of racial discrimination (see UN Resolution 2142 (XXI))
In 1989 Canada was the first country in the world to organize the national campaign on March 21st. Canadian national website supports activities concerning this day and sponsors these activities annually.
The United Nations support the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), the body comprised of independent experts supervising the implementation of the convention on Eliminating of all forms of racial discrimination, carried out by the signatory countries. The committee holds biannual meeting sessions in Geneva lasting for three weeks. It also publishes its own interpretation of provisorium on human rights, that is, general recommendations (comments) tackling the topic, and organizes thematic discussions. Further details regarding their work are found on their website.
Other non-political organizations joined these efforts as well. For the first time on July 7th 2002, FIFA organized International Day on the elimination of racism in football. After the special congress held in Buenos Aires in 2001, FIFA decided to continue with the organization of these activities. In 2005 FIFA organized both Confederation Cup semifinal matches in Germany as well as World Championship quarterfinal matches for players under 21 years of age, with special performance before every single match. Namely, before a match would start, the captain would read a declaration of condemnation and rejection of racial discrimination in football with clear message “no racism”. Before the match, entire teams as well as the match officials carried the banner with the words “say no to racism”, that being part of the official match protocol.
On the same day French Daily paper “Libération”, which cooperated with Benetton in humanitarian actions like “United Colours of Benetton – Promotion of Equality and Differences”, as well as Italian paper “Il Manifesto” published the whole text in white letters on black backgrounds on their title pages.

21.03.2007. Topical!


Due to the support obtained from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) from Washington the National Coalition for Decentralization will have finished the starting phase of its work concerning the public advocacy of decentralization by the end of March 2007. As has previously been anoounced, the final activity of this first phase of the work will be the conference of the National Coalition for Decentralization.
We are, therefore, inviting you to attend and take active participation at the conference “Decentralization as the starting point of further development of Serbia”, which will be held in Nis from March 28th – 30th 2007 (Niska Banja municipality), and thereby contribute to the development of the conditions necessary for the real decentralization of Serbia, based on the idea of equality of all citizens. The plan is to make an interactive conference which will enable better understanding of specific needs for decentralization of different parts of Serbia and public advocacy, as the key topics of discussions and work.
Due to the limited number of participants, we are asking you to deliver your application form by Thursday 22/03/2007. You can send your aplication form by:
• E-mail:;
• Tel/fax: 018/ 522-788, 514-360, 514-361

Application should include basic information on organization and its representative (name, address, city, contact telephone number, e-mail, and full name and contact details of its representative), as well as special requirements regarding meals and accomodation (in case of difficulties in physical movement or if you are a vegetarian). We would also like to mention that the organizer is going to cover the tracvelling expenses as well as the accomodation and meal expenses.

19.03.2007. Topical


NGO Protecta started with “Employment Agency – Social Enterprise” project implementation. Within the framework of this project, Protecta will be engaged in employment of socially disadvantaged population, refugees and internally displaced persons in particular, as well as in keeping records of “Sveti Sava” Social Work Centre and National Employment Agency.
The project will include comprising of database of unemployed people actively looking for job which are then going to be considered a priority.
All further information can be obtained in Protecta business premises, which are located in BC Kalca, office 42. Also, you can download an application form if you click here. After filling in a form, you can send it to, so that you can be included in our database.
The project is funded by Italian Government and supported by UN Habitat Belgrade, “Sveti Sava” Social Work Centre, National Employment Agency Nis branch and AIESEC Students’ Association.



Centre for Civil Society Development PROTECTA started with “CAN COLLECTION – ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION” project implementation. The project is implemented in cooperation with ReCAN Fund for Can Return and Recycling.
Within the framework of this project, Protecta Ecoteam members will conduct over 40 seminars in 20 Nis primary schools. The seminar aims at bringing the program close and raising the youth awareness of the need for recycling.
The most efficient schools, that is, the ones that collect the greatest number of cans will every year be awarded with stay at “Green Schools” eco-camps.



Within the framework of “After the expansion – another limit” project, organized by CEMIR – Belgrade and ECAS – Brussels, two Protecta team members Dragan Petkovic and Marko Dosljak were on a study tour in Brussels from 12 – 17.03.2007. this study tour aimed at introducing 26 experienced NGO activists from Serbia to European Institutions and organizations policies. The program included the visit to European Parliament, General Management Board of European Commission for Enlargement and Social Policy, Serbian legations in NATO and EU, the project partner ECAS and various organizations such as: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Youth Forum, Inclusion Europe, etc.

15.03.2007. Topical


Due to the current political situation in Serbia, new government negotiations and ‘zero principle’, Protecta collected the latest data concerning the unprincipled coalitions at the local level in Serbia. The whole document can be dowloaded here.

15.03.2007. Topical


In January and February 2007 Protecta and CeSID Nis collected data concerning ruling coalitions in all municipalities in Serbia. The whole document can be downloaded here.



On March 7 2007 in the big hall of Medijana City Municipality, Protecta will organize a meeting tackling the topic “Cooperation between Local Self-Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations”. Beside representatives of Nis City Municipalities and non-governmental organizations from Nis, this international meeting will be attended by representatives coming from organizations from Hungary (DemNET Foundation) and Austria (Hilfswerk).
This meeting will be an opportunity to present different models of cooperation between NGOs and local authorities in Hungary and Austria, as well as the possibilities of cooperation between Nis NGOs and City Municipalities.



Today afternoon Protecta office will be the meeting place of 20 representatives of primary schools taking part in “Can Collection – Environment Protection” project. Protecta acts as an intermediary in the implementation of this project, which was originally implemented by Fund for Can Returning and Recycling ReCAN from Belgrade. This meeting will also be attended by their representative and project coordinator Jelena Kis.
The Fund implements the Program of Can Collecting in schools as a constant activity, and it includes two components:

  • Education – organization of seminars in schools, distribution of educational material which includes two brochures, one for lower and one for higher grades in primary schools, leaflets and posters,
  • Can collecting projects, whereby schools will be provided with all the necessary containers for can collecting (specially designed boxes, bags, big sacks).



Centre for regionalism from Novi Sad in cooperation with Centre for Civil Society Development – Protecta from Nis and support from the Swedish Helsinki Accords will on Monday, February 12, in Media Centre Nis organize a round table discussion tackling the topic «Institutional Capacity Building and Work of Ombudsman in Multiethnic Local Communities».
This round table discussion aims at promoting results of the project LOCAL POLICY IN MULTIETHNIC COMMUNITIES, as well as at giving Recommendations for institutional capacity building and work of ombudsman in multiethnic local communities which were obtained during this project. This round table discussion is an opportunity to discuss with representatives of a number of municipalities (representatives of the city, city municipalities and municipalities from the region) the possibilities of application of these recommendations in their own surrounding.
Participants of this round table discussion will be representatives of local self-governments, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Court, Non-Governmental Organizations as well as the representatives of mass media from our region.



Protecta office will on Wednesday 07/02/2007 will be the meeting place of the second meeting of environmental NGOs active on the territory of Nis. The meeting was attended by the representatives of total of 14 NGOs. The most important conclusions drawn from the meeting were: it was agreed that the next meeting (Wednesday, 14/02/2007) should be an opportunity for every interested organization to put up its representatives for the National Committee for Selection, NGO Conference and Ministry Conference which will be held in Belgrade in October 2007; to use the current political situation in Serbia and take on initiative for the establishment of Ministry for Environmental Protection by Members of Serbian Parliament (MPs) and the future Serbian Government.



Two representatives of Protecta, Marko Dosljak and Dragan Petkovic will, within the project “After the Expansion, Another Limit” on March 10 2007 go on a study tour to Brussels. The project was implemented by The Peace Centre and funded by the European Agency for Reconstruction, whereas the study tour inherent within the project aims at gaining new knowledge of.European Institutions. Previous to this visit, there were four-day trainings organized, tackling the topic of the integration of our country in the European Union and benefitting from the European Funds. The program itself includes 20 representatives of leading NGOs from Serbia and aims at capacity building of the entire III sector for the sake of the realization of values of modern civil society.



Within the framework of “All Different – All United” campaign and the project activities within Romany Decade, Centre for Civil Society Development “Protecta” signed a memorandum with the «Nisava» Association of Romany NGOs concerning the cooperation on the project – Romany NGOs Capacity Building on the territory of Southern Serbia. The project will include 20 Romany organizations which will be educated on the theme of capacity building and the cooperation with the local community.



On Wednesday 01/02/2007 NGO “Protecta” office was the site of the first meeting of environmental NGOs from Nis. The meeting was attended by 10 out of 13 identified and invited NGOs. The meeting’s proceedings was:

  • Introduction to the activities, resources, problems and plans of every NGO separately
  • Introduction of all the present to the information on the ministry conference “Environment for Europe 2007” which will be held in October in Belgrade
  • Settling agreement concerning the mutual Nis NGOs’ candidate for delegates at the conference

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 07/02/2007 in NGO “Protecta” at 4 p.m.



“Students’ Protest Nis 96/97” exhibition takes place in the exhibit space European House in Obrenoviceva 38 Street. The exhibition is open for visitors from Wednesday 10/01 until Saturday 13/01/2007 every day from 10.00 until 22.00. The exhibition is organized by The Coordinating Committee for Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of the Students’ Protest 96/97 in cooperation with the Centre for Civil Society Development PROTECTA.



Within the Decentralization of Serbia project funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) from Washington, the team of experts from the Faculty of Law in Nis in cooperation with the National Coalition for Decentralization has arranged and published a guide entitled “Decentralization as the Starting Point of the Further Development of Serbia”. For further information and download of the book click here.



On Friday 17/11/2006 in the premises of an office for integration of Serbian government into the European Union, the representative of PROTECTA signed a declaration on acceding to an agreement on cooperation in the process of European integrations.
The same agreement had previously been acceded to by somewhat ten leading non-governmental organizations from Serbia.
Acceding to an agreement is the result of our organizations’ long-term activities in the process of the development of democracy, human rights esteem, environment protection and other values characterizing modern civil society. Office for integration into the EU and PROTECTA used their missions and activities as a common ground for raising citizens’ awareness of the values characterizing civil society following the way toward European integrations.
Text of the agreement can be downloaded if you click here.



Centre for Civil Society Development PROTECTA joins organizations across the world celebrating November 9th, International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism.
Fascism does not only involve Hitler and the Holocaust but it also involves raising awareness on hatred, fear, discrimination and racism inherent all around and promoted through modern forms of national-socialist ideologies and groups.
According to Protecta, fascism aims at disconnecting people, their classification into good or bad, race, national or colour discrimination, whereas Serbia has to aim at connecting and cooperation between different religions and races, political orientations and whole societies, as has already been the case in history and tradition of Serbian people.
We are of opinion that the cases of colour, racial or national discrimination, as well as the desecration of religious, cultural and historical objects belonging to other religions and cultures are not to be repeated.
Instead of fascism which disconnects and breeds fear, we have to unite and promote harmony and hope. We have to cast a vote against fascism and anti-semitism, because fascism has already caused enough suffrage in this area.



Society Development Protecta celebrated October 17th, International day for poverty eradication. The activity was implemented in front of BC Kalca from 13 until 14.30. On this occasion somewhat 30 of Protecta volunteers introduced the citizens of Nis with this day, and the poverty rate in Nis, Serbia and the whole world.
Within the framework of this activity a poll was conducted regarding the citizens’opinion as to what makes them poor, who they turn for help in case of difficult socio-econimic situation, as well as regarding the ways of helping them and reducing the poverty rate. Beside the Protecta volunteers, the activity included Medijana Municipality Mayor Dragoslav Cirkovic, Palilula Municipality Mayor Miroslav Djordjevic, Pantelej Municipality Councilman Predrag Vukic, as well as Crveni Krst Municipality representatives.
Information collected will be used by Nis Municipalities in their everyday work and in outlining of the activities aiming to help socially most disadvantaged people in Serbia. The greatest percent of the poor is found in the South-East Serbia (23.5%), and the smallest in Belgrade (4.2%). Moreover, the greatest poverty rate growth is found also in South-East Serbia (41.6%). On the other hand, the greatest poverty rate decrease is again found in Belgrade, where the poverty was cut by half.
Action of celebrating International day for poverty eradication was implemented in cooperation with NGO Group 484 from Belgrade. Beside Nis and Belgrade, this day was also celebrated by NGOs from Kikinda, Kragujevac and Uzice.



Since the beginning of August until the end of September Center for civil society development PROTECTA was engaged in field consultation for the participant organizations in “Youth for community” project. On the field consultants were: for the regions Leskovac and Pirot Dragan Petkovic, for the Nis region Nenad Stojanovic and for the region of Vranje Marko Dosljak. From 20 participant organizations, consultations were held for 18 of them. Although PROTECTA concluded, that in general, organizations involved in these consultations are “on the right track” in their efforts to complete the program, there are certain differences among them that could not be overseen. Those differences are seeable in their approach towards realization of the project idea but also as a quantum how much of that is done on the field. Second conclusion is that we can also see differences as a result of regional division from which participant organization are coming from.
Center for civil society development PROTECTA is expecting realization of the second module to be soon and in addition to that will continue to provide help to participant organizations with all its resources as it had done so far.    



From 02.06.- 04.06.2006. in Niska Banja PROTECTA implemented the first modul of “Work together to improve the community” training, which included 40 participants from Southern Serbia. The participants had the opportunity to become introduced to the writing of project proposals through the model of spiral action and the bases of organizational management. The following activities included field consultations (three additional training modules and awarding of small grants for project implementation in small communities). “Youth for community” project for Southern Serbia will last until May 2007.



Within “How to make myself useful” project we are organizing an eco-parade which will be held on Saturday, June 10th 2006 at 12h at the central city square. The project will include prize awarding, fashion show in cooperation with Nis nurseries, eco-performance organized by Nis Puppet Theatre and indoor football.



Center for civil society development “Protecta” will celebrate June 5th, World Environment Day, by organizing “Let’s clean Nisava river bank” activity. The startup of the activity is scheduled for Monday, 05.06.2006. at 18:00 at the confluence of rivers Gabrovacka nad Nisava. The fellow-citizens are invited to join the activity.



From the beginning of May Center for civil society development “Protecta” and Public Utility Company Mediana started with “How to make myself useful” project implementation. The project included waste, plastic bottles and cans collecting in 29 primary schools from Nis and the vicinity. The students, accompanied by their teachers, were supposed to collect empty cans and plastic bottles in their schools, so that they could start being instructed into the process of recycling. Within the framework of this competitive activity,  prizes will be awarded to the schools achieving best results. Given instructions for the practical work during the eco class, the students will conduct the research work concerning the quantum of this kind of waste within the period of one week in their household. The main manifestation, eco-parade will be held on June 10th 2006 at 12h at the central city square, including prize awarding, fashion show organized in cooperation with Nis Puppet Theatre, eco-performance and indoor football.

Activities on „Youth for community“ project

Since the beginning of August until the end of September Center for civil society development PROTECTA was engaged in field consultation for the participant organizations in “Youth for community” project. On the field consultants were: for the regions Leskovac and Pirot Dragan Petkovic, for the Nis region Nenad Stojanovic and for the region of Vranje Marko Dosljak. From 20 participant organizations, consultations were held for 18 of them. Although PROTECTA concluded, that in general, organizations involved in this consultations are “on the right track” in their efforts to complete the program, there are certain differences among them that could not be overseen. Those differences are seeable in their approach towards realization of the project idea but also as a quantum how much of that is done on the field. Second conclusion is that we can also see differences as a result of regional division from which participant organization are coming from.

Center for civil society development PROTECTA is expecting realization of the second module to be soon and in addition to that will continue to provide help to participant organizations with all its resources as it had done so far.    

Youth capacity building for local community action

„Youth for community“

If you live in districts/counties of: Pirot,  Pčinja, Jablanica, Toplica or Nišava, and you have fresh ideas and want to do something for your local community, you are invited to apply by filling out application form (downloadable on links below). 

We provide 4-modular training, consultations, grants and other support to help you fulfill your ownidea/s. Any organisation or initiative need to sign up two representatives.

Hurry up ...aplication deadline is April 23 2006.

You can send your application form by mail, e-mail or deliver it personaly!

Application form can be downloaded here as word document or pdf.

PROTECTA – Center for civil society development,
TPC Kalča BI / 43, 18 000 Niš
Tel. 018/522 788, 514 360 

Project is realized in close cooperation with Allavida London (UK) and Suncokret Pula (CRO)